Glad Losse Poeder Make Waterdicht Olie Controle Fleuren Huid Matte Poeder losse Poeder Cosmetische 4 Kleuren

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Niezen Poeder

Good quality. Xixi09. Wholesale glittersNieuwe foundation make. 9 color. Yang yutong magical color. Ivory. M03063. 2017108675. Nutritious,overigen,oliecontrole,stevig,long-lasting,witten,pores,brighten,concealer,natuurlijk. Full-bloom period: Koreaanse olie controle poeder. Wholesale 5 halo. 4*aaa. 

Beauty Up Producten

Stevig,waterproof / water-resistant,oliecontrole,pores,vochtinbrengende crème,long-lasting,witten,natuurlijk,concealer,brighten. Make poeder gezicht. Talc, ethylene/acrylic acid copolymer. Minerale bonen. Apply whenever,reject pores,flaw,dull skin,return baby silky skin. Doorschijnende powdere. Oliecontrole,natuurlijk. Casual makeup/party makeup/wedding makeup...Shimmer glitter poeder oogschaduw. Sz-jeyl-i099118a4. Product name: 

Aardbei Halo

Face powder. Long-lasting,brighten,concealer,natuurlijk. 15 colors/pcs. Muse matteFace makeup cream kontur paleti. Advantage: Acne/spot removing,antioxidant,freckle removing,pores,witten,long-lasting,concealer,sensitive,oliecontrole,antibacterial and anti-inflammatory,brighten,vochtinbrengende crème,antirimpel,sun block,nutritious,stevig,waterproof / water-resistant,after sun. Holi powder: Mica, magnesium stearate, polyethylene, titanium dioxide, vitamin e. Oliecontrole,vochtinbrengende crème,natuurlijk,after sun,sun block,antibacterial and anti-inflammatory,sensitive. 

Minerale Lipstick Set

Batb001. Small size: 32*46mm large size: 40*60mm. Concealer,vochtinbrengende crème,after sun,natuurlijk. Epacket can only accept normal or with batteries items. Wholesale gezicht base primer make. Iluminador mineraliseren. Uv-gel. Eigenschap: Geur poeder. Shhb346. Foundation pressed powder. Pores,long-lasting,concealer,oliecontrole,overigen,natuurlijk. Contour palette nudedH-2589. Pressed makeup powder. Muziek bloem baseSpecificatie: 

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I was looking forward to this for ages– an Anime Boston commission of Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls. GIT GUD.


ITS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!


(Clock for full size!)


More Bloodborne, wanted to draw more of it and I decided to try something less conventional. So here’s the effects of Frenzy on a poor unfortunate Yharnam Hunter who turned his back on a Winter Lantern.


Happy Birthday @bug-friend !
Thanks for being a cool DM and an even cooler friend! 


0: The Fool

Stripped of his memories, a peculiar note urges the fool into the harrowing night..

I’m very happy to announce  << Moonlight Arcana >>, a Bloodborne inspired collaboration project that has been in the plans for quite a while now. Featuring various depictions of the Major Tarot Arcana, in a slightly different, unorthodox way, which speaks to us personally.

I’m grateful and proud, that two very special artists were super enthusiastic about joining this long and tricky journey (despite irl and health issues). You know them, you love them, @saprophilous​ & @hachimitsubani

Basically, 22 full Bloodborne illustrations we are currently working on, e ach new entry being released weekly. Please give these two amazing people a follow, and show some support for the fantastic work they do. 

Make sure to turn on all your Beckoning Bells, since ours are kinda broken. To whom the next illustration in line belongs to.. no idea. Only bell-chan knows


That being said-   We hope you enjoy :) Please share this with your friends and anyone who might be interested in the Soulsborne franchise,  it really helps us a lot.

See you soo n~

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